Ten Hair Tips to keep you happy

1. Did you know that hair growth is influenced by season, age, sex, place of hair, what you eat, and even the time of the day? It's true.

2. As already mentioned, what you eat is important. Fill in your diet plenty of vegetables and foods high in Vitamin A, C, B-complex (very important) of iron, iodine and copper.

3. As the hair grows an average of 1 / 4 inch a month, as you get older, it's not slowing down. This is the new hair will take longer to reproduce and sometimes never. Fortunately for the ladies, very few of us ever suffer from baldness.

4. Gray hair will lose its color due to lack of pigment in all the new hair color.

5. There is no good answer to how often you need your hair. This is for everyone else. You'll know when the time is right to look and feel of your hair. If you do not feel dirty, there was a reason. It's that simple.

6. A few errors when the hair gesjampoe. Here are a few tricks for you. Wet hair thoroughly, shampoo and then add only the DAB. You will be surprised how little is really needed. If you do not want the foam to try a little more water instead of shampoo.

7. Using too much shampoo removes oil from your hair, and contributes to the widely shared.

8. Massage the lather on your hair, rub. Sabaceous activate the glands, making more oil to be released. Rubbing can cause the hair to catch up with the other hairs, causing damage ..

9.Blot hair in a towel. Do not rub. Same problem as above can happen. Be very gentle with your hair. Very sensitive at this time.

10. Egg shampoo. You've probably heard, and now I am to say that your hair. It adds protein. So, if damaged, fragile, or even hair color, it might have something for you. It is also very friendly and clean without removing natural oils.

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