Three words are married to a woman wants to hear

There are three different teks word that one would be very pleased to receive its second half, "I love you, you fill in Me" or "I Mulberry" quickly followed by "buying a bag of your" My List.

Three containing the text, which is the most common (and realistic), that are still OK: "We need milk," one of my most often.
Do not think so Marina Dodobayeva from Ushanbe, Tajikistan, which while cleaning his yard feels vibrations her pinny pocket (OK, forgive my artistic license, the last detail) search for the text of a phone call from her husband 14 years old, who only says "taloq taloq taloq" - divorce , divorce, divorce.

With these words, Dodobayeva was growing between the rows of Tajikistan is a woman whose husband has been using mobile phones for the issue of "triple taloq," the Islamic ritual, where men can end the marriage, said the word divorce three times.

Dodobayeva immediately called her husband, who worked in Russia as a worker, for explanation.

"He told me not to call again," Dodobayeva said, "because it is a new family."

Good grief. Not only because she wanted to divorce but he has already received the new family.

Organizers hope to move at the same time it gadalakhulia initial shock and found a great page man, good heart, and unlimited text tariff which he can send his love sticky.

I was lucky enough to go through divorce but lucky enough (only) to save the home for mentally or financially bankrupt I can not but feel that the text, the only ways to end the marriage better.

It seems cruel, but not the half of the drain, the stress or the horrible bloody Humdinger pulled out of divorce is a voice line and slammed the phone only by the deafening sound too much guffawing all the way to the lawyer in the bank.

Finishing is always a difficult relationship and I think that deserves a try and give a little fun in the process ... I found various websites dedicated to fun ways to offer of marriage but not how to request the divorce in kooky, a bit crazy way. The most popular way to see Skywriting on which all very nice, even if the aircraft is spelling out "marry me?" But Crick in the neck of gawping heavenwards will be hurt even more if the word "divorce?"

Once divorce actually happened may be back to lick the wounds or appears to be popular, divorce party.

This happens when a girl who gather together to get festive night trollied and bakery and an absolute decree absolute. Divorce party accessories are available on line. Sling said "free and single again can be used by the bride as she rests her glass former as" the people need, when you can cocktail? " Drink coasters, proves not only about him, but he takes care of its polished surface.

I hate to quibble over source of cocktail coaster but it is not a substitute for the practical man, I love the Mojito moderate drinkers, as well as the next one but I do not want to cuddle in bed or trying to take the trash out.

Divorce will never be fun, but if I offer you pearls of wisdom characters say that it is probably best to start rolling in a way that is more friendly than the text of three Kata, then the weather breaks and the emphasis on the party after all this was done.

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