Pregnant women must be defended by thyroid disease?

Thyroid problems should be examined in pregnant women, the new study.

Prague, Czech Republic, Charles University researchers found more than one third of pregnant women have antibodies in their blood to thyroid peroxidase (TPO), after abnormal levels of thyroid hormone in the development of the two year birthday.

Plays the thyroid peroxidase enzyme to produce thyroid hormone important role. Will have abnormal levels of thyroid hormone in thyroid disease express.

Although TPO antibodies are found in approximately 13 women, most have a healthy percentage of past studies and problems associated with obstetrikoa thyroid during pregnancy some women testing positive.

study, researchers tracked nearly 189 women showed some of the first trimester of pregnancy is a form of thyroid disorder. One one hundred positive TPO antibody test, but do not show signs of thyroid problems.

However, almost two years later, Atástálfar, thyroid was 35 per cent of encouraging women hormone (TSH) which stimulates the pituitary gland of the hormone thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine levels to secrete abnormal (T3). very high levels or low of the hormones or hyperthyroidism can lead hipotiroidismoaren.

Dr. Eliska Potlukova, experts said. "The result may be important, therefore, because it affects many women around one of the seven antibodies pregnant women testing positive TPOAb, and we are now getting more than one third of them moved to thyroid problems in the development of the two year birthday.

"This is not surprising, as women should be screened positive Endocrinologist get the pregnancy already, the general population, that number would be much higher among women means that Many of the tens of thousands -.. Perhaps more European countries - could have detected them before the thyroid problem. "

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