Beauty Oriented Christmas crackers

Let's Put This Into Little Thought Tradition

Christmas Crackers, but it usually looks good so waste of money. This year, I decided to create their own. You have so much control over the size and content ... Cracker pale compared to the shop to buy!


  •     Toilet Tissue Paper Tube - This is the old standby about everyone. Simply, people gathered and stored away from each to get to the cracker.
  •     Christmas cardboard tube - not enough to solve all the toilet paper tubes for your bathroom? If the answer. It's a long three-foot long tube that you want so you can close the cut.
  •     Princess Potato Chip cans - you get rid of hate, but can not be used to match! Now, you're right. Large size will allow much room goodies, and much stronger. You can not imagine how they look good sitting at a table decorated with a holiday once, and you have!

  •     Christmas Hat - ridiculous as they look, they should be part of the Christmas Cracker. Setting up a hundred it will take a second paper. For a thick paper, and then used as a guide. Cut and then staple them in place. I have a lot of stickers for Christmas. You can use the decorating. Now they can only change to solve the mass-produced they are better than the cracker.
  •     Candy - What Christmas Cracker Christmas would be complete without candy? Well, I think it should be. But along with the package, sugarfree chewing gums to become bankrupt. Cavity must see. And it goes without saying ... candy cracker that does not pack scented bath salts, etc. Chances are, candy, and will absorb odors contained.
  •     Nuts - If you have room, if added to the contents of a little nuts. When everyone crazy for the first time the drive will shake a cracker!
  •     The Fun Stuff - txistukada or pencil (and this charger is better), instead I got some better ideas. Drugstore sample section and make sure that your Christmas Stocking close your lips, bubble bath, moisturizer, etc. I haunt the sample at each visit in a week and seems to grow fully. I also found a small committee to see that as an option Emery matchbook.The are endless!

YOUR Cracker Christmas decorations

    Now it's time to use small pieces of paper packaging waste that would normally be able to cast all of them. Each cracker to collect enough to free up two inches at each end of the paper on you. space on the tape and then tie the end of the content strands of curly ribbon.This safe and nice and seems to fall out. If you are not curling ribbon, where the alternative use of cassette can be stretched many glittering Tura. Just use your imagination.

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