First Grace Brennan gets a facial

Last week, a particularly fortunate members of Team Grazia Beauty is a much sought after meeting with First Brennan, aka: facialist to the stars, including Sienna Miller and Laura Bailey. First pleasant, who practices from her apartment in the heart of Notting Hill is a true genius of the required knowledge and unparalleled skincare absolutely everything. While he favors the familiar Skin Ceuticals products, it also showed us that he likes to mix and match them - in fact, coconut oil is a particular fave him.

While First unique approach means that no client will ever receive the same treatment (he was studying the skin and the basics of treatment to what it finds), First has always been his way of accurately and professionally. My treatment, tailored to the dry and blocked the town started with skin and generating enough heat - cleansing, scrubs, hot water, a paraffin wax treatment and ended up with more after extraction with a cooling and hydrating masks including a heavy Skin Ceuticals Hydrating B5 Mask and an ice cold one given to me (I can not deny) the feeling of the post-cocktail brain freeze.

First interestingly explained that our water intake is the first leader of the organs of organs "and the last key face which is why they so often get dehydrated. Who knew!" Tucked between my mask and treatment is a serious intense massage and acupressure to gently clear the blocked lymphatic flow and relieve tension around the face and neck.

Post facial I have to say my skin looks so much cleaner, clearer and better hydrated. In summary, and hour and 45 minutes of much needed TLC skin as only an expert can provide first - I do not recommend it more!

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