Looking your best after a long flight

Have you ever flown across the country to meet someone you love, only to step out tired, disheveled, and fat? This can be very frustrating, especially if someone you have not seen in quite some time.

However, there are some things you can do to spruce up your look and keep yourself looking fresh and beautiful for the person waiting at the luggage. First of all, make sure you have plenty of sleep the day before the trip.

Pay attention to the time you fly, and synchronize the time of sleep so you can correspond with your flight. This may require going to bed early or stay up later than you usually do, depending on when you're flying.

To survive the flights will be prepared. You may want to bring your pillow on the plane, or ask the flight attendants for some.

You can bring a pillow as a carryon current, and even a blanket. They usually those little small, but nobody can guarantee that it is healthy.

It would be difficult to get a window seat, so as not to disturb the person next to you, ask if you need to get up for anything. This will reduce the problems with getting up and compresses your past.

If you are trying to sleep, this is certainly annoying when someone wakes up to twenty minutes with spastic bladder. However much you want to look totally hot, try to wear, comfortable loose clothing.

Want to feel as relaxed as possible so that your mind is relaxed. It will also reduce the transfer to your country to get comfortable.

Ear plugs may help you fall asleep faster, or if you just want peace and quiet, can help to drown the cries of the baby a few rows behind you. Remember that weary travelers tired because they are tired after so much time sitting on the flight in one place.

To combat this, your body needs a little energy, respectively, from food and beverages. When you're at the airport or before you get there if you want to use the energy in your system.

Try to eat foods full of carbohydrates, proteins, and some glucose. The fruit is always great to eat, have your body needs energy and natural sugar.

Whole grains are good to eat too, but do not want to eat more than that. Eat lots of starches may make you drowsy.

Real fruit juices are great too. Trail mixes are a good source of energy.

dried fruit mixes, cereals and granola bars are packed with energy and get very little space when the project in your carry-on luggage. If you eat salty but will make you thirsty, not to mention make you retain water.

Flight attendants must be able to offer free drinks like water and juices. Eating the right foods is necessary for survival during the flight.

If you do not want to sleep or can not sleep on the plane, try to keep your body free and supple. This helps keep your body relaxed.

Get up and walk the runway, if you can, and stretch your back and your legs. More about extending your stay, the better you will feel at the end of your flight.

If you are flying on a charter or a private jet, you will probably need more space to be able to do a little stretching. Take advantage of it.

Just before your plane will begin the final descent, splash cold water on your face. It helps tighten the skin on your face to look less haggard and tired when you step off the plane.

Rest your eyes. There are many shining lights during the flight you can play with your eyes. Try wearing a cap or mask to keep your eyes protected.

If your eyes are in shadow, will work less. This is the key to your eyes look rested.

Massage your temples. Softens your head and relieves the tension that you may have.

Once you land, refresh your make-up, spray a little perfume, hit the bathroom, and you're ready to go. Let the joy begin reunification.

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