False ideas about foreplay

In any self-respecting sex manual, is the prelude to prepare both mind and body parts ... But if it is wanted by some, it was feared by others.

the prejudices of some people (and sex manual) make foreplay more than a garden-to-do a nice-to-do, in the belief that it is a required step and encoded to female sexual pleasure. Let's take a closer look at some of the ideas that circulate false about foreplay.

1. Foreplay takes place before "action"

Not necessarily! Highly formatted into an image of sexuality, foreplay before penetration, the idea is that both partners reach orgasm during penetration. "Trying to fit in the concept of sex as a well-oiled machine, where it occurs in an ideal ratio according to the stereotypes," says Dr. Ghislaine Paris, "is almost impossible ..." Simply because this perception highly standardized rarely has to do with orgasm and sexual desire of the individual. In a more creative vision of sexuality, a 'quickie' fueled by a burning desire to be the most fun with the famous "prelude" happens "after action" as a way to prolong the moment.

"One of my favorite moments of sex is for. When he held me in his arms, gently caress me and gives me very deep and meaningful kiss," says Jenny.
2. Foreplay is always physically!

Not always! Foreplay is not just leaving your hands to talk! For some people, whispering insinuations love or muzzle are also preliminary. Bring pleasure or joy in words can have a tremendous impact for some people more than we can imagine.

"Some women like to put into words what they plan to make tents to warm things," says the Canadian singer Brigitte Martel. This kind of foreplay is not as innocent as it seems and has the advantage that touch various levels. First, by stimulating the neurons ... Second, playing the emotional brain of a man, his virility.

But the almost pornographic language, some men can not use goes down well with many women. Instead of explicit discussion that women often are inclined sensory sensuality through words, but prefers to manage the vocabulary and pace yourself. While bad language may play a role in the revival, most women prefer inspiration from erotic literature, softly whispered in his ear.

"For me, starting with the preliminaries as he prepares for me - as it looks and smells which takes a shower, put on some nice cologne and some fresh underwear, looking for that I can help him ..." says Emma.
3. Knowledge of the erogenous zones is the key to good foreplay

Certainly helps! Knowing the rules of the game is definitely an advantage when the goal of making someone. In practice, knowledge of the most popular erogenous zones in men and women is a good step forward. There may be some what "key" to do to help make your partner, but love and eroticism win by spontaneity and to let go, that is when two people really know each other intimately. Foreplay is also an opportunity to discover new erogenous zones can be a lesser-known individual and personal thing.

"He can touch almost every part of me that wants to - what is important to me is like you touch and how long it lasts type Rote Endless caresses my breasts just annoys me, but a fleeting sensual caress. By my side, and a latent aspect can send me over the edge, "says Sandra.
4. Men do not like foreplay

Not true! It should not be considered such terms. Male sexuality is based largely erection, as we know. "A man's penis can be seen as a bridge of love, which brings its partners," explains poetically the former adult film star Brigitte Lahaie. This can put a man in a delicate dilemma. Throw in the preliminaries, when his body was invited to the penetration is not an easy task. All the more so when it is not sure his erection or return when the time is right ... A man may lose his erection at any moment ... something that women can not achieve. Then you put in place macho and discard the preliminaries, not more frequently to reassure himself and hide his concerns.

"Orgasm men works differently, and when we are ready, it's not always take time, yes, we're just ready to go. Prelude turn me on so much I stressed that I'm going to do it to the finish, so to speak," says Jon.
5. Foreplay longer and sweeter, the better

Not true! The prelude can be regarded as a slow and delicate process that some people with the idea that the main purpose is to bring the woman at the same level of excitement as her male partner. But it is not necessarily true ... As Dr. Esther Perel says, the primary function of the preliminaries is to take a corner of an erotic relationship. As such, the preliminaries take many forms. "Playing on the dynamic power / authority of a relationship can be very smart," suggests Dr. Perel. If you have not already done so, why not try some foreplay games with handcuffs made of feathers or satin blindfold to create excitement before passing more serious stuff. ..

"The guys have to stop reading books on foreplay. Quality, not quantity, is really important. I can be ready to go in two minutes if it is sincere and focused in turn on me, but it can be so boring if he just goes through the foreplay smooth motion as if it were a chore, "says Mandy.

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