Beauty secret of Cleopatra the Queen - who was in bathroom?

Age 17, Cleopatra came to power in Egypt. It is not, despite the Egyptian Macedonia, he and the Queen of Egypt, as people worship the Goddess. He is a brother or son or his friends as required by law for those who only 12 years old when his brother Ptolemy XIII, married.

The legendary queen Cleopatra in love with the leaders of Rome caused a scandal for the purchase of a foul was. o, from 51 years, despite the administration of hundreds - 30 BC, his death inspired the writers and producers of films, and continues to inspire.

Cleopatra, one of the most popular features of beauty and youth, his skin was fine. Most historians, immersing themselves with fresh goat's milk with its partners for the daily ritual bath. Javanese princesses on a regular basis, such as milk bath is known in this goat, sheep or cow's milk and, over the ages is not an uncommon practice. This type of bath is a better word, such as milk bath "translation and soften the skin smooth and useful" Mandi Susu "was known.

Swimming in milk may indeed be useful for the skin?

Milk of the modern science of swimming healthy skin as a response to this. The diary of the dead cells of the skin with which the owner of the natural lactic acid dissolves a glue-alpha hydroxy acid, is. This means that milk can cleanse the skin down to the new layer. Such a bath of milk for the new, smooth skin revealed the following hours to remove dead cells can all foreigners.

health properties of the bath are often a number of points in total, are. honey, glucose and fructose, the sugar acts as a gentle exfoliator. Vitamins and minerals to help heal and be in that points can be absorbed through the skin. While on wound repair in the treatment of any help to the natural effect of the inflammation, kill bacteria and infections can contain phytochemicals.

Can I try this home?

Here, Cleopatra milk and honey "Mandi Susu" are ingredients for the bath:

• Fill with hot water for each 100 liters of milk yogurt 5-6 teaspoons of bath and shower.

For half a cup of hot water running water • Add raw honey

• You can add to its moisturizing effect jojoba / almond / Aloe Vera, you can add 2 tablespoons Tea

You really want to experience luxury spa, beautiful fresh flowers and aromatherapy oil does not add a few drops?

If you need to soak in about 20 minutes, and then you rinse with warm water or cold affect the optimal use of the bath.

Now a god, and the day may have a light skin, like the legendary Queen Egptian!

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