Start Finish Makeup Guide for women with acne

Here are some of the best tips on makeup application, what we learn from professional makeup artists. The products listed are available in pharmacies, stores or company websites. Remember to have fun with makeup - let it be a life experience does not improve, obsessive chore.
  • Always start with the skin, dry clean. Right to successfully apply makeup cure, moisture, sunscreen, makeup. Try to use products with a dual function as a moisturizing sunscreen to reduce the number of products on your face. Remember, healing always completely dry before applying anything else.
  • Do not use medicated pads containing benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, sulfur or eye area and can be very irritating.
  • When in doubt, make sure the makeup or nonacnegenic noncomedogenic. Conditions shows that the product is tested and shown not to promote acne.
  • This is often best to apply foundation and powder to skin that is loaded with some type of moisturizer. Otherwise, base and powder cake as possible, and changing appearance. For those who will have very oily skin matte lotion help to make up, so do not run.
  • It's easy to smear mascara during application, which must be removed from the skin. If this happens often, especially if you have long lashes, try applying eye makeup and mascara prior to other products. Therefore, if not the mascara stains from the eyes or on your cheeks require your concealer or foundation. This is especially important when using the first medicated.
  • Make change in different lighting. For example, if you work in an office with fluorescent lights, it will look different from the way it does in the bathroom. For even more natural look and, on makeup in natural light. Sitting near a window and using a hand mirror works well.
  • More is not better, especially those with severe acne. The temptation to re-apply concealer or powder during the day, but this can often lead to counterproductive highlight blemishes and adding ingredients that might be acnegenic in the area.
  • Make the migration pores. For those with acne, medicated makeups containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to enable the migration to take advantage of to treat and prevent skin acne.
  • Make-up and rubbed off. For this limit, lay your hands away from your face whenever possible. We know that this can be very difficult, but if you keep rubbing the makeup, you'll want to apply again, creating a vicious cycle of overuse and irritation.
  • "If you are extremely oily skin that causes makeup to the series after several hours, place a piece of tape over the strip ceallaf├ín and pull it," said Melissa Green, makeup artist in Brooklyn, New York. "It sounds crazy, but it works. Will pull oil and makeup still intact. You can also try paper paper as a solution for oil program Lanc├┤me paper or matte finish sheets paper Shine-Control."
  • Do not be afraid of color, but if you have lots of acne, it is best to emphasize only one side of his face at the time. If you want dramatic eyes, go for delicate lips, and vice versa. Keep your cheeks neutral. And if the person tends to be red, not to participate in red, pink, purple and families for shadows and blush as they appear to be improved.
  • Make shapes are different. Experiment until you find the best colors and textures for your skin. Note: Almost all brands accept returns if product causes irritation.
  • Never share your makeup, especially mascara and eye shadow. This can cause infection and contamination.
  • It is often applied makeup skill is crucial for women with acne. A makeup lesson from a professional makeup artist who understands acne be illuminated and will save you hundreds of dollars of products you can not deny that works best for you. Learn how to apply makeup properly will help reduce down time needed to put on makeup, it should be someone already overburdened with work, school family, and commitments.

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