Ten things you need to know about Nail Polish

1. Nail polish and tons of yellow skin

If the colors of peach and olive-yellow, or a small nail, or imperfections include select Polish Open.

2. Nail polish and pink flesh tones

If you have a rosy complexion, cover imperfections of small pink or clear nail polish Select.

3. History of the ingredients of nail polish

This is the candle of the Ming dynasty, Poland, egg whites, gelatin was made from a combination of vegetable dies and arabic gum. Today, using the Polish automotive industry may give thanks. Today is a good version of the Polish automotive paint.

4. Which is called nail polish

Nail polish, we are given a red and black of China about 5000 years ago, as you know today was invented.

5. History of nail polish

Dip fingers into orange henna these Egyptians seem to be used.

6. Peeling nail polish

Poland started to wash it, nothing more than the advice I have to redo your nails are boring! Here's what you'll be off a trick. apply a thin layer of Poland, instead of few big ones. This difference seems!

7. Nail polish is used for empty bottles

Fill it with fresh vegetable oil, paint, glass, nails and cuticles a few times a day.

8. After the last

If the program is completed after the Poles do not stop there. Now the ideal time to give you a hand massage. one hand, and a rich cream, use a circular motion until completely absorbed by it, scribble. Please note that required constant attention, and our hands are exposed.

9. Shelf Life of Polishes

properly stored, especially if the Poles have a shelf life of two years.

10. Hone your most Bubbles

This does not cause more bubbles cylinder manufacturers to find a room, the implementation of projects in Poland, air conditioning, fans, etc. included.

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