Chocolate Causes breakthrough and 19 other myths dispelled acne

  • Acne Is Your Fault
 Wrong. Acne is not and will never be your fault. Acne is caused by a combination of factors. These include genetics, hormones, bacteria, overabundance of oil, closing the pores of the skin, your body's immune response to unique f. acne bacteria, stress, environmental factors, drugs, excessive rubbing or irritation, cosmetics, and even travel. This is not caused by how you wash your face (or that), or from one of the food you eat. Some people do not break, some do not ever stop.
  • Acne can be cured
 Wrong. Still no cure for acne. This is a complicated situation. Even the prescription drug Accutane, the strongest oral medication for acne, does not offer a permanent cure. But you can help prevent and control mild to moderate acne blemishes once you start our program.

  • If You Leave You Alone Acne, you will do this
Wrong. Do not wait. It is very important to start treating acne early. Untreated, acne can get worse. For example, comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) can develop into pustules and pimples. If it has deteriorated, it can leave scars - physically and emotionally in your face in your heart for a lifetime.

  • Acne is just one small problem. Do not overreact. Stop worrying
 Wrong. Almost all people who have acne embarrassed by it - if not ashamed and depressed. Acne not only lowers self-esteem, often affect social behavior. It's hard to have a social life if you do not want to leave home. Acne can also affect work performance, especially if you feel inhibited to be seen and judged by your peers.
  • Spot treatment will cure acne
 Wrong. Spot treatments can help dry up acne is visible, but that week pimples start forming before they are aware of its existence. Instead of spot treatment, it is wise to treat all preventive for acne acne skin every day so could not start in the first place. I think the treatment of acne as you think brushing your teeth: Is every day and prevent problems.

  • Acne is caused by eating greasy foods, chocolate, or caffeine
 Wrong. Medical studies have found that diet - including chocolate pizza, potato chips and french fries - rarely affects acne.However, if certain foods make you out constantly with acne, is common sense to try to avoid them. For example, for some sensitive people, and eat foods with high iodine content, such as shells, dried fish and seaweed, can cause flare-ups, which may explain why the Japanese who usually have, great balance, low-fat diet, still get acne. Several other studies theorize that the hormones in chicken, beef, and dairy products can cause acne early teens, but the jury is still out on this topic. If you are interested, alternate sources of protein and calcium to the product or try to hormone-free, organic versions of them.
  • Sugar Causes Acne
 Wrong. An article entitled "Acne Vulgaris: A Disease of Western Civilization" was published in the Archives of Dermatology in December 2002. The authors conclude that there are significant differences between Western societies and non-western in terms of how many people get acne - a difference that can not be due only with what the gene. They blame the acne on excessive consumption of sugar in Western countries. However, criticism of this study noted that the author only saw a small tribe, are genetically distinct peoples in Papua, New Guinea, to represent non-Western societies. This tribe has a very early puberty is more than other communities around the world, which means their hormones associated with acne stroke later in life. There is therefore representative group.Finding what causes acne early will be helpful in the treatment of acne in the world. But to blame the acne on the sugar just ignore scientific research and clinical observation. It is our experience that removes all the sugar or fat in the diet will not eliminate acne. We advocate a healthy diet filled with complex carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables, grains, low fat and protein. We believe that refined sugar and excess fat should be kept to a minimum to maintain a healthy weight. Unfortunately, however, make changes in your diet alone will not stop acne. So do not blame yourself because you only have chocolate brownies, but will make a week of acne on the road.
  • Drinking tons of water will Flush Away Acne
 Wrong. Drink six to eight glasses of water every day is healthy for your body. But not even the priciest designer bottled spring water can flush out acne. There is no sufficient evidence that water can cleanse the skin from the inside out. Moreover, while dehydration can temporarily make your skin look lifeless, will not cause acne.
  • Sun Exposure Heal Your Acne
 Wrong. Small amounts of sun exposure may appear to help your acne in the first group of visible blue light helps to sterilize f. acnes bacteria. While acne is dry and your new chocolate helps disguise angry, red stain. But long exposure to the sun finally close your pores, producing blackheads, whiteheads and small pimples. Plus the very real risk of skin cancer, to say nothing of premature wrinkles, can not be overstated. Exposing the skin to the sun without sunscreen will never be a good idea. risks outweigh the benefits at a minimum.

  • Seasonal Acne
 Wrong. Some people claim their acne is seasonal, worse, perhaps, in the summer. While temperature and humidity can increase your skin's oil production, to no longer season for acne. This is a problem throughout the year.  

  • Sunscreen Causes Acne
 Wrong. Noncomedogenic A good sunscreen will not cause acne. However, sunscreen, severe occlusion will attract and retain heat in your follicles, volatile and cause inflammation much to form a small lump of red. This reaction is not true, but a condition called acne miliaria.Find oil-free sunscreen, formulated acne skin noncomodegenic. Skin cancer risk was too big to do without it. This applies to people of all ages and all races. Reapply it often if you sweat the heat, or after you go swimming.
Also remember that the acne drug, such as benzoyl peroxide, Retin-A, and salicylic acid, can increase the sensitivity of your skin is sun exposure. This is even more reason never to leave the house without applying sunscreen first.

  • Acne Face Wash Comes You Still Enough
 Wrong. Acne is not caused by dirt or grime. In fact, if you overwash your face or draw with rubbing alcohol in an effort to feel clean, you can produce irritation. While facial wash eliminates surface oil, there is evidence that frequent washing can stimulate oil production. Wash twice a day is more than enough to remove bacteria and help in bloom.
  • Acne is caused by oily skin
 Wrong. It is possible - and often in common - both have dry skin and acne. You can also have oily skin and acne free. Will be mounted pores and acne will form if your skin is dry or oily.

  • Using the Right Cosmetic acne will heal me
 Wrong. Some salespeople like cosmetics counter can say anything to draw you into their lines to try new herbs and cream. Buyer, beware!
  • If I've got acne, I can not use moisturizer
 Wrong. Many people think that if you have acne, they can not use a moisturizer. In fact, moisturizers noncomedogenic, the kind that do not cause clogged pores, it is imperative to hydrate thirsty skin, dry.

  • Is acne contagious
 Wrong. Acne is a disease is not contagious. Even if you're running a hand to someone's face with the worst case of acne you have ever seen, you will not get acne as a result. You can not reach the more acne you can catch cancer.

  • Accutane A Miracle Cure for Acne
 Wrong. Accutane is the most successful drug used to treat acne, but must be used only for severe cases, not soft. It works by shrinking the oil glands on one or two (sometimes three) years, and normalize the cells lining the pores so that the closure does not occur. A large number of people who use the drug Accutane requiring second or third course, and most require long-term topical skin care to keep their acne at bay. Accutane also has significant side effects, which require careful monitoring by your dermatologist.
  • The hair on your face or cause acne Hat in Your Head
 Wrong. Hair and the hat itself can not cause acne. But using the wrong kind of hair product you or many of them can aggravate acne. We call the abuse mus. Comedogenic, hair products cause acne, if, mousse gel ointment, or oil, can clog (plug), the pores near the hairline, making the blackheads and whiteheads fine. People who wear hats to hide their acne may inadvertently cause excessive sweating and irritation, causing acne.

  • Blue Light Therapy May Cure Acne
 Wrong. Blue light therapy is an attractive approach for the treatment of acne, but no cure. Light Blue is part of the rainbow of visible light (wavelength of 410 nanometers) emitted from the light source from the machine at the doctor's office. It works by sterilizing the skin for short periods of time, eliminates bacteria while improving acne and acne when used in conjunction with traditional acne medications today. As most dermatologists use blue light therapy, we will get a better idea about how well it works or if the cost and visit often disappointing in patients long term. The study is in progress, but too early to say.

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