Cutting and styling Own

While some people like the barber shop or salon atmosphere, while others prefer to cut their own hair. Moreover, the sharp your own hair saves money.

If you do not have money to spend on a haircut, you might consider trying it yourself. Moreover, if you want your own style for your hair, but the barber never seem to get it right, try to make their own style to create.

First, wash your hair. To work best with a clean, damp hair.

Comb your hair and make sure he is as straight as possible. Crabs will be easier to cut.

It is very important that you start crushing with the end in mind. What to look you are trying to make?

You just need to finish? Pruning is probably the easiest modification to make.

Try the same line, it's done by your hairdresser for the last time you watch a trim. Clean the parts, only small areas at a time.

Only the sharp shell about half an inch or so every time you keep yourself from making serious mistakes. Stop from time to time and look in the mirror.

Make sure you are close to the style you want. Use this method until you have completed the finish.

If you need more radical changes in style, you should try to plan how you will achieve. On the same way would end.

Also common mistake that you should just cut out a great deal, but it is not. Creating smaller cuts the hair even more as a whole.

With each snip of scissors, take a moment to let things naturally fall. Make sure it is correct.

If the appearance of uneven, you have to go back and try to solve the problem. Be careful, as premeditated as you can.

Moreover, you finish one side and then the second. NOT swap sides every time you finish the section, it will lead to more than you want to cut.

Decide which position the first snip and make it look the way you want. When it is finished, you can start to copy to look at the other side.

Bundle of hair requires a little more work than the change in length. You have the different pieces in different lengths.

Hold the scissors cut the corner of each. The process of blending takes more than a simple style, so be patient.

In general this is a good idea to hair pulling during cutting. Difficult to cut, so try to be as far ahead as you can bring.

If you do not feel comfortable cutting back, leave it alone. You can still off the front, but you must take into account the length of the back while doing so.

Most importantly, you must be quiet during cutting. If you're too stressed to look right, you'll probably cut back too much.

Remember that your hair will grow back. Be patient and not quick snip.

If in the end you can do, you can not get enough of both sides to have with each other, not worry too much about. No one will be close enough to your hair to notice that one side is off by a millimeter.

Creating your own style and own finishing can save you money. Yet the return to the salon or barber eventually be needed.

Definitely go with a clear goal. If you can accurately describe the look you want the barber to a better match.

Photos take with you a great way to see the style you want to be. Stylist, a number of suggestions that will further improve the appearance.

Listen carefully and try to understand the proposal before saying yes or no. Again, remember that if it does not quite work as you imagine it will grow back!

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